Bargaining Team Update 1-30-2018

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Your UFA Bargaining Team met with the NIU administration for a negotiating session on Tuesday, Jan. 30. We have made substantial progress toward resolving the question of which faculty positions will be covered by the collective bargaining agreement (approximately 20 remain under discussion). We also presented the administration with our Workload proposal. In developing this proposal, the Bargaining Team incorporated the input on workload issues we heard from many discussions with faculty and at our UFA General Membership meetings. The proposal reflects the priorities we heard from NIU faculty: place limits on faculty workload, maintain departmental autonomy, increase the role of faculty governance in the process of setting department workload policies, and provide some teaching relief for untenured probationary faculty.
     Once again, the administration did not present counter-proposals. They indicated that they want to see more of our proposals before providing us with their position. As a reminder, the UFA Bargaining Team has presented the administration with the following contract article proposals as of 1/30/18:
  • Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  • Electronic Privacy
  • Electronic Access to Agreement (to the Contract)
  • Facilities, Health, and Safety
  • Grievance Procedure
  • No Strike, No Lockout
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Faculty Access to Personnel Files
  • Union Rights
  • Workload

We continue to urge the administration to provide us with counter-proposals as soon as possible. Our next bargaining session is February 13. We will keep you posted!
In solidarity,
The UFA Bargaining Team
Fred Markowitz (Sociology), Lead Negotiator
Reva Freedman (Computer Science)
Beatrix Hoffman (History)
Tomoyuki Shibata (Public Health) (on sabbatical Spring 2018)
Wendell Johnson (University Libraries)
Brandon Wardell (Theater)