At-Large Representatives

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At-Large Representatives


Andy Bruno

I have been involved with the UFA since the start of the organizing campaign and currently serve on the Communications Committee. During the last time we voted for officers, I helped organize the election. As an At-Large Representative on the Executive Committee, I would hope to help oversee the successful completion of the bargaining process and implementation of our first contract. Union activism for me is not only about improving our work conditions, but also about the broader struggle to enhance the power of labor in this country. At NIU, I am an associate professor in the History Department and a faculty associate in Environmental Studies. My research concerns the environmental history of the Soviet Union.



Kerry Ferris

I am an Associate Professor in the Sociology Department and have been at NIU for 12 years.  While I have enjoyed my work here and love my colleagues and students, I have also watched NIU’s fortunes decline, along with those of our state more generally. As Illinois and NIU recuperate from this low point, I want to make sure that the heart of the university—faculty, staff and students—sees gains as well. My goals: to listen to my fellow faculty members, to protect our rights and benefits, and to help us advance together as the best university we can be. This would be my first position in the union, so I expect to learn a great deal if I end up taking the At-Large rep seat.



Jason Hanna

I’ve worked in the philosophy department since 2009 and also serve as faculty associate of NIU’s Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy. I would like our faculty to have a strong union that listens to its members, responds to its members’ concerns, and helps members get what they need to perform their work as scholars and educators. I look forward to working with and hearing from colleagues across the university about what they want and expect from the union. My hope is that by protecting academic freedom, promoting transparency, and providing the faculty with a unified voice, the union will help to build a university that is better for both its faculty and its students.



Geoff Pynn

[No statement submitted]



Robert Tatara

My name is Robert Tatara, and I am the representative for the Department of Technology (College of Engineering) to our Union. I am a professor, with 21 years of service, and wish to be one of your At-Large Representatives. For our Union to succeed, we must have participation from all Colleges. I find the College of Engineering under-represented, and it needs to have more of a presence before the administration. I wish to provide that presence and as an At-Large Representative, my goal will be simple: to always promote all faculty as NIU’s most important resource.


Stephen Tonks

I am an associate professor in the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations in the College of Education. I am extremely grateful for all of the hard work and time my colleagues have contributed thus far to union efforts and now I want to do the same. Therefore, I am running for At-Large-Representative of the UFANIU Executive Board to help make our faculty union even stronger and more effective. In my eleven years at NIU, I have served on numerous committees around the university, including Faculty Senate and the Institutional Review Board, and I now I also serve as Program Coordinator for the Educational Psychology Ph.D. and Masters degrees. My experience and accumulated knowledge will provide a unique and strong voice as we work to realize improvements in equity, transparency, faculty governance, and other issues.



Scott A. Wickman

As a counselor educator and NIU faculty member for the past 18 years, I am committed to advocacy and equity. I am a former president of the Illinois Counseling Association, Coalition of Illinois Counseling Organizations, Illinois School Counselor Association, and North Central Association of Counselor Education and Supervision. I am currently president of the Illinois Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling. In all of these positions, I have been involved with policy and legislative training and advocacy, including directly contributing to the wording and regulation of bills related to professional counseling in Illinois and the clients for whom we work. I recently was named the 2018 Humanistic Educator and Supervisor by the Association for Humanistic Counseling. I am committed to representing the NIU faculty as we advocate for equity and fairness in reward system and workload, with a compensation system that works best for all.