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What is a Union?

A union is a group of people who come together in order to advance their common interests.

Who is the UFA?

We are tenure-track and tenured faculty at Northern Illinois University.  We want to empower faculty to ensure our voice in shared governance.

Why I Joined UFA

My name is Michelle Xia, and I am an assistant professor in Statistics. I
support the UFA due to two major reasons: (1) At a higher level, the union
provides faculty an additional channel to learn and make an influence on
the decisions/changes occurring at NIU, ensuring transparency, fairness and
good governance on matters that are important to the university

Why I Joined UFA

My name is Robert Tatara from the College of Engineering and
Engineering Technology. I am a professor, with 23 years of service. During
this span of time, there has been steady erosion of our working conditions.
With so many changes taking place on campus, the faculty has largely
been left out of the decision-making processes. The result has been