Who is the UFA?

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We are tenure-track and tenured faculty at Northern Illinois University.  We want to empower faculty to ensure our voice in shared governance. We believe that shared governance can be fully realized through collective bargaining.  Contract negotiations will empower the faculty, and allow us to negotiate working conditions that will provide a better environment for the entire university. We want legal protections and legal recognition that comes with being designated as a collective bargaining representative under the laws of Illinois and the U.S.

UFA at NIU seeks to unite the faculty to enhance democratic representation at NIU. With enhanced rights, we will be a united, independent and effective body that results in professional salaries, rational allocation of resources, and democratic voice to the faculty. We will more effectively contribute to making NIU a fairer and more equitable workplace. We are guided by a vision that education is the foundation of a democratic society, and believe that collective bargaining will enhance our effectiveness in ensuring academic freedom, producing excellent scholarship, and ensuring a better future for our campus.