Why I Joined UFA

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My name is Robert Tatara from the College of Engineering and
Engineering Technology. I am a professor, with 23 years of service. During
this span of time, there has been steady erosion of our working conditions.
With so many changes taking place on campus, the faculty has largely
been left out of the decision-making processes. The result has been
declining enrollment, deteriorating facilities, low moral, and an uncertain
future for all. The root cause is that our employer has become
disconnected from the faculty body, making important decisions without our
input. In the mind of our employer, we have no more value than buildings
and equipment, probably even less, and are simply a cost to be minimized
through outsourcing and layoffs.
I believe a strong UFA represents the best opportunity to promote faculty to
the status deserved -- as our school’s most important resource. And, it
gives us the chance to be an equal partner in decisions affecting NIU’s
future direction.