Administration Response to Salary Memo

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The administration had an opportunity to provide faculty with the same 3% raise, on the same terms, it is offering to other employees. Instead, they want to impose conditions that would hurt our union’s ability to represent faculty and to bargain for a strong contract.

In exchange for including us in the raise, the administration wants to exclude over two dozen faculty members from our bargaining unit, due their holding such roles as Interdisciplinary Center Directors and Assistant Chairs. 

They have also demanded that we agree to a “No Strike” provision. While these provisions are common in contracts, we do not have a contract yet. The potential of a strike is one of the few types of power that we have in case the administration refuses to agree to a fair contract. 

The United Faculty Alliance has restated our position that faculty in the bargaining unit deserve to be part of the 3% raise, across the board, without conditions. If the administration drops these conditions, we will work with them on the details of implementing the raise. 
We will continue to update you on these negotiations.

In solidarity,
The UFA Bargaining Team